Vinyl Lettering


So this is pretty scary stuff.

Basically, I decided to turn my entire itunes playlist into vinyl lettering. And the biggest place i could get in my University to exhibit it.. was the disabled toilets. I know you're probably thinking it doesn't really go... but hey, I have to work with what i can get, right?!

Anyway. So the first process of this massive job, is to measure the entire bathroom. Oh and to do this i had to get permission to see if it'll pass as health and safety i guess? I don't know. But basically it has to be usable still. I intended to have vinyl covering literally everything, sink, toilet, even the sanitary bin. But because it has to be usable, I'm going to scrap that idea because i figured people would be scared to use it? I don't know... and to be honest i don't really know how vinyl will react to water....

So yes. To design this, i measured the walls and floors, and used Adobe Illustrator CS5 to create my words. the maximum document size i can use is 570mm... and I get charged by every 1m. So i decided to use 570mm for the height and 1000mm for the width, and i have no just realised, it really doesn't matter which W and H i use...

Here is an example of my wall piece:

As you can see it is made up of 3x3 artboards, which in total measure H=1710mm W=3000mm. I created this piece as how it'll look on the wall to make it easier for myself. So the bottom "Daggers speak louder than words" will be at the bottom of the wall etc.

To transfer this document now to the vinyl cutter, i had to select it all and create a 0.25 outline. Which i'll show you in my next example.

Next is my design for the bathroom floor. I would have loved to have massive text just like Barbara Kruger, however as it's a small space and a LOT of song titles i had to compromise and make them smaller:

Again, i've arranged the artboards in my favour underneath each other as people will see it on the floor. The top word "Society" is actually placed by the toilet, so the toilet bowl will be near to where the "O" is, thus why I made it bigger than the rest to help me work around it.

Here is what it looks like ready to send to the vinyl cutter:

You can see there is no fill colour and the outline is set to 0.25, which is the thinnest you can go - basically no point in going any bigger. It measures at L=2850mm which means i will have 150mm of vinyl left over and W=1800 which also means i'll have 400mm of vinyl left over because they come by every meter.