The Heavy - Album work

For one of my projects in Visual Design, I decided to work with the band The Heavy and create artwork for them. This including a poster and vinyl jacket + vinyl sticker.

I've had many many many ideas and developments, however I don't want to bore you with work that i'm not very keen on. So here is the works that leads up to my final product.

Firstly, I'll show the some poster designs I created using Photoshop. I had a thought of submitting these with the vinyl as a sort of extra free poster sort of thing but them I thought it would be all too much. So these are simply for my portfolio:

Design 1 - The Heavy - The Glorious Dead.

 Design 2 - Lyrics from The House That Dirt Built album
Song - Short Change Hero

These next three posters are designed to be placed next to each other in a row.
Sold together or possibly to collect.
Album - The Glorious Dead
Song - "What makes a good man?"

 Album: The House That Dirt Built
Song: "Long way from home"

Album: Great Vengeance and Furious Fire
Song: "Who needs the sunshine?"

The next poster is the chosen one for my final product, it's for the album "The Glorious Dead" and the idea basically came to me by sharing ideas with my boyfriend and then created on Photoshop.

I designed this poster intending to act as a wrapper around the vinyl jacket. So imaging this at the size of A2 (two A3s)

This is the vinyl jacket. It includes the band being "The Heavy" and the album title being "The Glorious Dead" on the back it includes a review of the album, the tracking list and me as the designer. I designed this jacket very specifically, I created a cut out skull to replace the generic circle in the middle of the jacket. The skull cut out is placed slightly to the right so when the vinyl disc is placed inside, the hole in the disc will line up to act as the eye of the skull. I know genius right?!
Here are a few photographs demonstrating how the poster and vinyl works together:

Here is what it looks like all closed up with the vinyl inside.
I must admit, I could have designed the poster better so you can see the entire face.
Once you open the poster, your straight away drawn the the design of the vinyl
by the deep red background from the double sided poster.
The vinyl is wrapped in a protected clear plastic wallet.

Here is a close up of the vinyl disc working well with the skull design on the jacket.
You can see the hole from the disc acting as the eye for the skull
And finally, this is what it all looks like deconstructed.
The vinyl disc where i also designed the sticker for it (a simple band title and album title + side A and B
The cardboard jacket design
And the plastic wallet to keep it all safe.
And there you have it, my design of a poster and vinyl jacket + vinyl sticker for the album "The Glorious Dead" by The Heavy.