Re designing GQ magazine cover

So, i was playing around with the portraits from GQ magazine, and started thinking about how to present these compositions of mine. In the end, i decided to replace the magazine cover by my own design. So i got cracking with making the image suitable size and decided to add an abstract theme to make them... moreeeee interesting and eye catching i suppose.

Anyway, here is my favourite design. No title. No text. No nothing. Simplicity.

Back. Spine. Front
The idea of exaggerated and repetitive ears came from an artist called John Stezaker and his image Love XI, 2006

Once printed, I attached the covers onto the magazine, simply over the top of the original and used tabs to fold into the inside to keep it secure. If i were to submit the magazines as an object then i would have replaced the cover entirely, by removing the original and professionally attach mine. However, seeing as these are going to be framed in a white wood box frame, there is no need as people aren't going to see it.

Here are the two finished magazines:

Covers placed on magazine.
After putting the cover on, i had to figure out a way to stop the pages from slipping once i hang it in the box frame on the wall... Sooo i decided to thread through the cover and back cover: